To promote integrated pest and vector management through scientifically based methods that consider the ecological, environmental and economic impact on humans, domestic animals and wildlife;

To promote control and research of mosquitoes and other vectors in the state of Tennessee by facilitating professional cooperation and collaboration between mosquito and vector abatement districts, public health departments, applied and basic scientists, and commercial municipality vector control specialists;

To keep members informed of new developments in the study of vector-borne diseases, vector control and vector surveillance; and

To promote the advancement of this field in Tennessee and elsewhere.

Our History

Founded in March 2012, we have been dedicated to the scientific study and management of vectors in the state of Tennessee and collaboration to this end ever since.

Our Members

Our membership consists of individuals employed in vector control, surveillance, research, or related fields, who support the purpose of the Association, and work toward the accomplishment of its objectives.

What We Do

Our meetings are held annually and consist of scientific presentation on vector-related issues.

We also regularly host student competitions which are open to all students of vector-related subject matter. Prizes are awarded to the winners.